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SSC CHSL Shift 1 (04 Mar 2018) Memory Based Questions

Year Designation Type Qualification Examination
2018 Clerk/Steno/Multi Tasking Staff Latest 12th Preliminary

SSC CHSL Shift 1 (04 Mar 2018) Memory Based Questions

Staff Selection Commission has already Starts SSC CHSL Tier-I Exam on 04-03-2018. Candidates can check out the questions that has comes out in the Shift 1 (04 Mar 2018). Questions are related to the General Awareness, English, Quantitive Aptitude. Questions are listed below:

SSC CHSL Asked Questions – 1st shift

SSC CHSL Exam questions paper of General Awareness

1.Which country shares the longest border with China?

2.What is the property of Bakelite?

3.What Force is Friction?

4.Where is Dachigam National Park?

5.When is World Aids Day celebrated?

6.Which of the Article is related to Constitutional Amendments?

7.What is the full form of SMTP?

8.How much budget is allocated to National Pharma Mission?

9. What is the meaning of Fiscal Deficit?

10.What is Circular Motion?

11.Who among the following did not win a Dronacharya Award?

12.Which part of the Constitution talks about Union Territory?

13.Who killed Bahadur Shah?

14.Who is the Father of Taxonomy?

15.One question from Oncology?

16.One question from i3 Processor.

17.One question from Constitutional Amendment.

18.One question from Sex Determination.

19.One question from Dance forms.

20.Which of the following is the Alkali metal?

SSC CHSL Tier – I Exam questions – English

1.Idioms & Phrases –

2.Pull over one’s heart

3.Raining Cats & Dogs

4.Piece of Cake

5.A chilles Heel

6.Spellings Correction – Committee, Stridency

7.Synonyms/Antonyms –


9. Flaunt

10. Pathetic

11. Articulate

12. Heed
13. One Word Substitution – Monitoring
14. No Reading Comprehension was asked.

SSC CHSL Exams Question Paper – Quantitive Aptitude

1. 19, 9, 28, 37, 65, ?

2. A picture on a page was reduced on a Xerox copier to 75% of its original size and the copy was further reduced by 20%. What percentage of the size of the original picture was the final copy?